A Full Featured Practice Management System - In the Cloud.

Diary Features

  • Set different hours per practitioner per day
  • Colour code certain appointment times (eg. new patient times or different practice locations) at different times on different days
  • Enter transactions without leaving the diary screen in just a few clicks
  • Access patient records direct from the diary
  • Print receipts direct from the diary
  • Track patient flow through the clinic
  • Drag and drop appointment rescheduling
  • Automated follow-up reminders for DNA's and Cancellations
  • Customisable automated SMS reminders sent on a schedule you chose.

Schedule Tasks

  • Set tasks for yourself or other members of your team
  • Be prompted for follow-up of DNA's and Cancellations

Patient Details

All the things you would expect from a practice management system:

  • Patient details
  • GP and Referring practitioner linking
  • Easy access to past and scheduled appointments
  • Birthday SMS messages
  • Full account tracking
  • Print statements and invoices
  • Enter and delete transactions
  • Third party billing
  • Payment groups to ensure you charge the patient the correct fee

Clinical Records

  • All clinical details are available on one screen, designed to fit on iPad as well as desktop or laptop
  • Clinical warnings and cautions to ensure you don't miss vital information
  • Predefined and user definable macros to enable you to enter text in the click of a button
  • Easy access to past treatment entries without leaving the screen
  • Upload images and documents to the patient's file by upload or email


iconpractice includes a dashboard to enable you to see your practice's vital stats in one easy glance. It covers:

  • Revenue
  • Outstanding and credit balances
  • New and total visits
  • Patient visit average, average visit value, and total patient revenue

As an overview for your clinic plus these for your different referral sources, all definable by date period and practitioner


Beyond your financial reports iconpractice provides reports to track:

  • Referral sources
  • Visit statistics
  • Cancellations and DNAs
  • Patients who have not rebooked
  • Birthdays
  • Stock held
  • Clinical entry tracking to help you track whether all entries have been made for a given time.

Other features

  • Mailchimp email marketing integration
  • Xero integration to export your transaction data directly into your accounts
  • Set your own referral sources for marketing tracking
  • Define multiple service types with different billing codes
  • Stock sales and supplier tracking
  • Define multiple provider numbers per practitioner for different locations or different health insurance companies
  • External practitioner database
  • Full help documentation
  • Included email support

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