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Access to iconpractice is a low monthly subscription. There's no large upfront purchase costs.





1 Practitioner





2 Practitioners





8 Practitioners





12 Practitioners

All plans include unlimited users and locations. Prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.  SMS Message cost 9.5c each to send including GST for Australian customers. 11c per SMS for New Zealand customers.

Try it for free with a 30 day trial.

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How does it work?

How do I choose a plan?

Choose a plan based on the number of practitioners you have. You can then create as many users as you want. Solo practitioners will usually set up one user for themselves and another for their receptionists to use. Larger practices will usually set up one user per practitioner and one per receptionist.

Can I change plans?

You can change plans whenever you like according to your needs. Your monthly charge will be adjusted from the next billing cycle.

What equipment do I need to use iconpractice?

We recommend using a PC or Mac at your reception to take full advantage of the diary functions. You can use the same in your consulting rooms or a tablet like an iPad. Out and about use a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You'll also need an internet connection. Mobile 3G at minimum or Broadband is recommended.

Do I need any other software?

As iconpractice is web based you'll need a web browser, which will usually come with your computer. You can use any of the major browsers, but we would recommend Google's Chrome browser. It's free and gives the fastest performance with our system. Alternatively try Firefox for Windows or Mac or Safari for Mac. We don't tend to recommend Internet Explorer.

What's the deal with the free trial?

You get 30 days to try iconpractice free of charge. You get full access to all the features of the system to see if it is right for you. At the end of the 30 days we'll email you a link to complete your sign up if you want to proceed. SMS message charges are not included in the free trial.

Am I tied to a contract?

Definitely not. You cancel any time you want to. Your subscription will run till the end of the month then you're done.

How do I pay?

We accept online payments with Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

Are there any support and upgrade charges?

Nope. Just a small monthly subscription fee which depending on the plan is for most practitioners less than one patient consultation per practitioner. There are no support charges for standard support, no upgrade charges and no large upfront payments to purchase the system. The only extra charge is for any SMS texts that you send - and even that is a lot cheaper that what the major phone companies charge you, and for large extra-ordinary support jobs like importing existing data that requires a lot of modification.

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