The Most Comprehensive Online Booking System Available For Chiropractors.

In our connected world giving your patients the opportunity to book online is essential. The problem is that most current existing platforms for online booking fall well short of what you need for your practice.

Best practice for most chiropractic clinics is to implement what is known as block booking and cluster booking. Most online booking systems don’t even begin to include this function. Our iconpractice system includes this as standard.

If you’re not familiar with block and cluster booking, it makes a huge difference to your efficiency and workflow. With block booking you set aside specific times within your diary to see new patients. This insures you can be fully focused and not distracted by regular patients within the clinic.

Cluster booking involves making sure that your team books patients together in groups or clusters. The way it works is you select what are known as base times and then you book around those times. The beauty of cluster booking is that it makes it easy to get into the flow when adjusting and ensures that you’re at your most focused.

Other online systems such as Cliniko and Practice Bee don’t have this system available, leaving your diary wide open for patients to book at any time they please. Other traditional desktop systems such as Frontdesk, Visitbase and Visual Outcomes offer very basic online diary service if at all. iconpractice has what we feel is the most Advanced online booking service for chiropractors available today.

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