24/7 anywhere access to your practice management system – without any upfront capital cost!

You’re starting or have just started your own practice and you need a comprehensive practice management system that will let you get access to your diary and records, even if you are working in another practice.

Most practice management systems require you to install a copy of their software on one computer meaning that you are tied to using that computer to access your system, or if you want to have access from other computers you have to buy another copy of of the software and install it on that computer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access your system from any computer you want without having to pay for multiple licences?

This is particularly true if you are using shared reception services or if other people are booking your appointments for you when you are not there. Our iconpractice software is available anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer or device with a web browser. So you can be in one place and your receptionist can be making appointments for you. The iconpractice management system will work over a broadband internet connection or 3G mobile connection, so you can even use your smart phone when you are in the supermarket doing your shopping!

When you build your practice enough to go full time, you also want a system that is full-featured and robust enough to cope with a this change in demands. Many practitioners operate from multiple rooms with a computer in each room. iconpractice doesn’t require you to have a licence for each machine you run it on, meaning that one user can have multiple computers logged in to the system at any one time, saving you thousands in licence fees.

In addition, because iconpractice is operates from your web browser, unlike many systems it doesn’t matter what type of computer you have.iconpractice will work happily on Mac, PC, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android tablets and phones.

iconpractice is centred around the practice diary. From the diary you can quickly move to the patient’s clinical records and there you can use our simple text insert system to enter your notes in a few clicks of the mouse. You can upload images to the patient’s record and quickly compose letters using the patient’s records.

The financial system allows you to enter transactions, print invoices and statements and invoice third party payers. And of course we have automated systems to send appointment reminders and birthday messages. Check out the full feature specs for more details.

So how much does iconpractice cost?

iconpractice isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you might expect. Similar practice management systems sell for upwards of $3,000 to $4,000 just for one licence. Multiple licences can cost over $10,000, and then you have ongoing support and upgrade charges of over $1,000 a year. And here’s a real kicker – software purchases are considered capital costs. That means you have to depreciate the cost, that is you don’t get the full tax break of claiming the system for anywhere from 3-7 years!* Money you really need when you are starting your practice!

iconpractice is different. You pay a small monthly fee to use the service. That means no upfront capital costs, saving you thousands that you can use instead on building your practice. Because iconpractice is a service rather than a capital cost, you can usually claim the full deduction for your system straight away, getting the money back into your practice faster!* And the actual price that we charge for your system is comparable to just the support and upgrade charges that most other systems charge.

A comment that we often hear is “I don’t want to be tied to a monthly fee.” The reality is that all systems cost you money to maintain. Regardless of which system you choose, support and upgrades are necessary to keep the system secure and up to date with new requirements and operating systems. Failing to do so can lead to catastrophic loss of data or security breaches from your system. With iconpractice, that support cost is incorporated into our charges meaning you have nothing extra to pay.

With iconpractice, all the software is hosted on our servers, meaning it is always up to date with the latest secure version. Your data is backed up up daily, and the connection to our server is via SSL, meaning that your patient and practice information is protected and secure over the internet.

Want to get started now? To start using our system click the sign-up button below. Using our quick start wizard you can be up and running with the system in your practice in less than 10 minutes! And with our 30 day FREE TRIAL you can try the system risk free. If you do decide iconpractice isn’t for you, we’ll even help you get whatever data you have in the system back!

* We aren’t tax advisors, do check with your accountant for exact details for your tax jurisdiction.
† The only support charges are for large extra-ordinary support jobs like importing existing data that requires a lot of modification.

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