From all of us at Clear Health Media I hope you had a great New Year. We’ve got a couple of updates to welcome you to 2018.

The first is the ability to nominate a specific patient as the referral source. To use this, when selecting a referral source, select “Existing Patient”.  This will then activate a drop down list where you can select the referring patient. You can do this when entering a new patient from the diary, or from the Patient’s Details screen.

The existing Referral Sources report now lists the patients who have referred with a tally of their individual referral numbers. Great for rewarding those patients that refer most!

If you already had a referral source listed for patients, apologies but this update has created a new “fixed” Existing Patient category.  If you’d like us to transfer people under the old category to the new then let us know.

The second update is the ability to add new occupations directly when entering new patients in the diary or from the Patient’s Details screen.  Just type the new occupation directly into the field and select enter to add it to the list.  Remember to click Update to save any changes to the Patient’s record when on the Patient’s Details screen.

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