We’re pleased to announce we’ve introduced different gender options into the system as well as deletable file uploads.

The gender options are enabled. Just refresh the Diary page to start using them. You can remove or add extra options under Settings->Gender Options.

If you are using the inbuilt forms in iconpractice, and those forms have an existing gender field, you will need to update the form to allow it to continue to capture gender details. Do that under Tools->Form Builder. You will see a Gender section on the right-hand-side of the form-builder that you can drag into the form.

Otherwise, many of you will have noticed there is now the ongoing ability to delete file uploads. You will note that if you delete a file, the system prompts you to enter a reason. The reason and the file are retained in the system as a log for medicolegal purposes.

Lastly, keep your eyes out for some new features in the pipeline:

  • Integration with HealthEngine’s appointment service.
  • Medipass claiming options for iCare, Comcare, Workcover Qld, and for any physio users, Worksafe Vic.
  • Two-factor authentication and ip address restriction for logins.
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