With the COVID19 outbreak a number of people have asked us about doing Telehealth consults with iconpractice. I just wanted to reach out and highlight a few features that will help your team. We’ve also completed integrating with IntegraPay for direct debit reconciliations – details below.


From a health records respects a Telehealth consult is similar to a normal consultation. You’d conduct the consult via a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Skype (both of which have free plans), and then record your notes in iconpractice.  If you specifically want to record the consult, Zoom offers the ability to record the screen. You can then upload the recording to the patient’s record if you wish, however in most cases this will not be necessary.

For many practices you’ll also need to look at new ways of getting paid! With iconpractice you can obviously email invoices directly to patients for payment.  What you may not be aware of is that you can put a general “invoice comment” on invoices and statements.  This can include bank details, PayPal email addresses or similar for people to forward payment to you.  Set this via Settings->System Configuration.

It’s also possible to have practitioner specific invoice comments in case each practitioner has specific bank details that need to be sent.  Set this via Settings->Practitioners and then click on the Edit link for the relevant practitioner.

Hopefully these tips help and if you have other questions, just let us know!

IntegraPay Integration​​

​​We’ve been working in the background to get our IntegraPay integration completed. While now might not be the best time to introduce new features in your practice, if you’re looking at introducing payment subscriptions for your patients this feature will help.

Basically the integration reconciles payments ​​made by the patient to their iconpractice account, removing one of the biggest pain points with subscriptions and saving your team hours of work a month.

We’ve completed testing and certification with IntegraPay and we’ve looking for a few practices to be our initial testers.  Let us know at Support if you’d like to get started.

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