In this update, you’re now able to limit your Daily Invoices & Payments report by time of day.  Just enter the time range you’d like to report on then click “Select”

By default it sets to 12am through to the latest time displayed on your Diary.  This should be particularly helpful for those practices wishing to reconcile up to the end of a shift.  Please note, this CANNOT be applied retrospectively.  Prior to this update only the date was stored for each invoice, not the date and time.  As such all old invoices were given an entry time of 12am when your database was updated.  However, moving forward all invoices with also have their enter time recorded as well.

Other small updates:

  • If you routinely double book appointments when using the “Book recurring appointments at this time?” option in the diary, then you can set this to double book by default. Do this at the bottom of the Settings->Diary Settings->Diary Admin page.
  • You’ve probably noticed the chosen date now shows on the lightbox modal when booking an appointment. Hopefully this makes it easier to keep track of in a busy practice.
  • We’ve built a feature to allow you to link your iconpractice diary with Google Calendar. At the moment this feature is still in testing and by request only, so if you’d like access let us know.

Otherwise, new features coming soon:

  • Our Tyro/HealthPoint integration has been approved, we’re just finalising the launch with Tyro. If you’d like early access let us know, and keep your eyes out for a special launch offer for new Tyro customers.
  • Per practitioner columns in the diary week view.
  • Group appointment functions.
  • Multiple booking per slot via online booking.

Stay tuned!!


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