Many of our users have asked for the ability to view the details of an appointment, and to be able to edit them.  With this update you can do just that.  To edit or view the appointment details, right click on the appointment and select “Edit Appt” from the menu. This dialogue box will appear.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 12.44.54 PM

From here you can view edit the phone number, email and time of all appointment types, plus the name of new patient appointment types (names cannot be edited on exiting appointments because they are linked to the patient’s record).  Full details on how to use the feature are found here.

As previously, you can still change appointment times simply by dragging and dropping the appointment to a different time and day without needing to use these new features.

Like most updates, this has involved us updating the code of iconpractice, so if you experience any difficulties in accessing this feature or with the system generally, please try reloading the page, or if that fails, clearing your browser cache.  This article discusses how to do this for most browsers.

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