I’m delighted to bring you news of an upgrade to the iconpractice diary. The great news is that we have combined the “Service” and “Stock” options on the right click diary menu into one function called “Transaction”. This new option allows you enter both services and stock together and it gives you totals at the bottom.

iconpractice Transaction menu

In addition, the new Transaction function also pulls in the “Comments” box from the patient’s record and displays it. This is useful if you have entered information in the comments box that you need access to for entering payments.  Read the Documentation by clicking here

Lastly we have added the ability to print a list of the patient’s upcoming appointments. On the right click menu you’ll see “Receipts” has been changed to “Print”. Under print you’ll see the two print receipt options plus an appointments option. Selecting the Appointments option will open a window with a list that you can print.  Instructions here.

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