We are very pleased to announce two exciting new updates to the system.  The first is the ability to “store” appointments on the side of the diary while you move to another day to reschedule them.  To use this feature, right click on the appointment you want to move and select the “Move it” option at the top.  The appointment will move to the “storage” area on the left.  You can move more than one appointment to the side at any given time, which is useful if you are moving a family’s appointments for instance.

Navigate to the new day that you want to move the appointment to, then simply drag the appointment(s) to their new times and drop them onto that slot.  The diary will then update.

Two points to flag.  Because the appointment is not updated until you drop it into its new slot if you navigate back to the original day, you will see the appointment in the storage area and on the diary at its original time.  Just ignore that.  Also reloading the diary page will lose the appointment from the storage area but it will still be present at its original time.

Lastly, this feature isn’t available on touch screen devices because the drag and drop functionality isn’t available on touch screens.  Sorry!

The other update we have is that all SMS’s and Emails sent as reminders are now logged in iconpractice.  To check the outcome of the sending use the “Reminder Emails & SMSs sent” report on the Reports page.

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