Several of our users have requested it and we’re glad to deliver the ability to add a comment to the waiting list entries.  If you’re using the waiting list you’ve probably noticed it already, but when adding someone to the list, the “Comment” field is visible under the name field.  Just enter the relevant details in there.

For those running practices with several modalities were patients may come in for appointments with several practitioners in sequence, you can now set the SMS reminders to only send a message for the first appointment.  Some users had found that people were getting several SMS’s, only seeing the last one, and therefore coming late.

By default the system sends a reminder for every appointment, but if you’d like to just send the single message, go to Settings->System configuration and adjust “Send only one reminder (for patients with more than one appt that day, will only send reminder for first appt):” to Yes.  Remember to click Save afterward.

In addition, you can now add custom messages to the confirmation page of online booking. You may use this to give patients a link to any paperwork needed or any special instructions.  Details are here on setting this up.

Lastly, you can also setup conversion tracking for online bookings.  How and why you’d want to do that is detailed here.

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