We have several updates to let you know about this time round.  The first is the new Bulk SMS function.

Sending Bulk SMS’s

Several of our users expressed a desire to be able to send SMS messages to several patients in one go.  The new Bulk SMS function allows just that. Some uses might be to send bulk follow up messages to people who have cancelled or DNA’d for their appointments. It can be accessed through Settings->Bulk SMS.

To use the service you need a message to send, and a list of names and mobile numbers.  An example message might be:

Hi %first_name%, we haven’t seen you for some time. Maybe consider a checkup. Best wishes, ABC Chiropractic.

%first_name% is the placeholder you use to insert the patient’s name. You can also use %last_name% and %mobile%.

The list of names and mobile numbers should be a CSV file with the headers patient_id, first_name, last_name, mobile on each column in that order. The CSV version of the Cancellations and DNA’s report produces that exact format (which was intentional!).

To use the function, place your SMS message in the textarea, and select the file on your computer with the names and mobile numbers then follow the prompts.

New Reports

You may have noticed several new reports and report formats.  The Cancellation and DNA, and Patients Not Rebooked reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.  You can then open that in Excel or Google Sheets to allow you to review the data, and then upload into the Bulk SMS tool if you wish.

There are also new Stock Sales and Service Sales reports available as either PDF or CSV files. With the CSV versions you can quickly make calculations off the data in Excel or Google Sheets. This can be particularly useful if you are only including certain appointment types in associate pay calculations.

Copy Previous

While we all appreciate the need to provide the exact treatment needed on a per visit basis, many times that treatment is the same as a previous visit.

Now on the Records screen there is two ways to copy a previous treatment.  The first is the “Copy Last” text visible on the textareas.  If you click this the most recent treatment will be copied, or in the case of an open entry style note, the whole of the open entry.

Alternatively if you wish to copy an earlier treatment, simply click the word “Copy” on that entry and it will be copied to wherever you have have the cursor as with the existing macros.

As always if you have any issues with these features, be sure to let us know using the support link above.

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