Some small updates this week to make life easier for our users.  In the clinical records we have made it possible to delete entries for up to 24 hours after the entry is made.  After that point the entry is locked.  You can continue to edit entries as well for up to 24 hours. To use this feature click on the word Delete that will show in the bottom right corner of the entry next to Edit.  The word Delete will only show if the entry is less than 24 hours old.

Why would you want to edit versus delete an entry?  Editing an entry is best if you want to make small changes to an entry without redoing the whole thing.  Deleting entries works best if you have made an entry on the wrong patient or you have entered something twice by mistake and it needs to be removed completely.

On invoices, statements and group receipts we have adjusted the settings to only show the necessary practitioners details.  This is better if you have multiple practitioners in the system or practitioners that have been deleted but need to remain in the system in case a patient needs a receipt for the services they rendered.  Now these practitioners will only show if it is their transactions that are being receipted.

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