We have made a few small updates and bug fixes in the last week.  For those who use the daily transaction report on regular basis you will probably have noticed we have provided the option to view the report in landscape rather than just portrait view.  This is useful if you find that names are running into the description column and making them hard to read.

We have also made two fixes.  We have tweaked our Mailchimp integration to handle updates to email address more smoothly.  There was also an issue with EFT and EFTPOS transactions being overlapped on importing to Xero that has been resolved.

Lastly we are working on providing a master accounts facility.  Many users have requested the ability to have a master account that a certain amount of credit is applied to, and other secondary accounts can charge against that amount.  An example of this is families where one family member “holds the credit”, and other family members are charged against that credit balance.  This is particularly useful if you offer advance purchase of packages of treatments.  We’ll update you further as this becomes available.

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