This update brings new Task/To Do features.  The new interface allows you to do the following:

  • Create recurring tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule,
  • Filter tasks,
  • View another user’s tasks,
  • View completed tasks,
  • View a log of actions on tasks.

To create recurring tasks, tick the “Recurring” checkbox, then in the “Occur every” field enter the frequency, then select the date the recurring task should end (the date it will start on is set in the “Due” date field).

recurring task options

So to create a task that should be done every second day you would select the start date using the “Due” date field, put 2 in the “Occur every” field, leave the drop down list on “day(s)” and the select a date 10 days later in the “until” date field.

To search existing tasks and view completed tasks use the “Search Tasks” section. To view all options click “Show advanced search options”.  Note you must select a date range to search within when using the advanced options.  Click Reset to return to the default view.

Task search options

To view the task log click the blue arrow on the left hand edge of the task. To hide click the same arrow.

Task log

Appointment Report Filter

The Appointment report can now be filtered by appointment time or surname.  Select the option you want after choosing the date range.

appointment report filters

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