At the request of some of our users we’re pleased to be able to add a last appointment notification when booking appointments.

Many practices have mandatory re-examinations for patients that haven’t been in for a period of time.  Previously it wasn’t easy to check how long it was since someone was last in the practice.  Now after you select a patient when booking an appointment, you will be shown the date they were last in and how many months and years ago that was.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.04.36 pm

You can then easily select the relevant appointment type for them.

We have attempted to retroactively update everyone’s database with this information for each client, but there may be patients that we haven’t been able to do.  In that case, when you select the patient you will see the words “Not set”.  However the next time you mark that patient as having arrived in the diary, their record will be updated with the correct information.

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