In these latest updates to iconpractice we have a number of additional features.

The first is the ability to print out a list of appointments for a given date period.  This is particularly useful if you need to contact patients (eg. to reschedule a day’s appointments) or if you like to keep a paper backup of your list of appointments.  To Access this report go to Settings->Reports and select “Appointments list”.  Choose the date range you want and the practitioner(s), then click print.

The second is the ability to archive inactive patients.  Archiving a patient excludes them from the quick search in the diary and the search page, and from the birthday SMS’s and report.  To archive a patient go to their Communications screen and tick the Archive checkbox, then Save.  If you want to unarchive them, search for them using the detailed search boxes on the Search screen, then go to their Communications screen and un-tick the archive checkbox.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 12.25.15 pmOn the Communications screen we have also added a “Notes” section.  Similar to the Comments section on the Details screen, this can be used for recording information about the patient that you do not want to show in the diary when you are entering a transaction.  An example might be call history when following up with patients that have missed or cancelled appointments.  Be sure to click Save after making an entry to save the changes.

Fourthly we have added the patient’s next appointment to statements.  So if you are printing receipts for patient’s their next appointment will be listed down the bottom, or “None” if no other appointments are booked.

Lastly the ability to export your transactions to Xero is in a first access beta stage.  If you use Xero and would like to try this functionality please contact support for more information.

We also have one bug fix.  When the diary was displaying a limited number of practitioners with the “Practitioners to view” function on the diary, it was still displaying all available practitioner’s appointments on the week view.  It now has been fixed to only display the selected practitioners.

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