Keeping track of your patient visits is important in managing your practice.  Patients who drop out of care need to be followed up for several reasons.  The first and most important is that dropping out of care usually means that the patient has received a less than ideal clinical outcome.  Even if symptoms have resolved, rehabilitation care is often needed to complete the healing process.  Tracking patients who fail to complete this is important.

Secondly, it is needed from a business point of view.  Patients who fail to complete their care program will mean lost revenue for the practice.  Over time this erodes the patient base, weakening the practice.

To make it easier to track patient care we have introduced a report detailing patients who attend for an appointment and then fail to book another.  Used in conjunction with the Cancellation and DNA report this can give you a complete overview of people dropping out of care.  For more details on the reports view the help manual by clicking here.

Patients not rebooked report

The Patients Not Rebooked report. (Details blocked out for privacy reasons)

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