Online Booking

The great news today is that the Online Booking functionality is now available for all subscribers.  As far as we are aware it is the most advanced online booking service available.  In addition to the normal features you’d expect we have built the system around the important concepts of block and cluster booking.

Block booking is when you book certain appointment types at certain times, i.e. new patients only between 10-11am, regular visits around that, etc.

Cluster booking is when you set certain base times that you want patients to be booked around.  This ensures the practitioner has a period of focused activity, and isn’t wasting time having gaps between appointments.

The iconpractice booking system supports both of these approaches.  Alternatively it offers a “Basic” setting that doesn’t worry about these.

The videos discussing the setup of the online booking are available by clicking here.  The written documentation is available by clicking here.

Courses of Care

The other update is the addition of a course of care section of the patient notes.  This provides notifications of timing for re-exams and courses of care like Medicare referrals.  Details on using it are available here.

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