We have 3 new function updates for iconpractice.  The first is a password reset system.  On the login page there is a link to request a reset link.  If you forget your password use this link.  To use this link the user must have an email address registered in the system.  Therefore please ensure all your users have an email address linked to their user account.  They can add one by clicking on their name in the blue header bar at the top of the page when they are logged in.

The second function is the ability to select date ranges on invoices and statements rather than having to click all the boxes for the transactions you want.  The select boxes are at the bottom of the page just above the print button.  Just be sure you haven’t clicked any of the checkboxes next to the transactions otherwise the system will use these rather than the date range.

Lastly on a patient’s clinical record their age is now displayed alongside their name and system id.  Handy if you need to know it!

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