We have two updates to make you aware of today.  The first is the ability to merge patients yourself without having to file a support request.  This facility is available at the bottom of the Communications screen of the patient’s details.  Full details on how to use the new function can be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.26.02 pm

The other update is the ability to link a task with a patient, and the introduction of prioritisation of tasks.  To link a task to a patient simply type their name into the “Link to:” field on the To Do’s page, and select the relevant patient.

You can also set a priority of High, Normal or Low for a task when you create it.  If a task is created from the diary when a patient cancels or DNA’s, if they are an existing patient, it will be linked to them and rated High.  If it is for a new patient not entered into the system it will be created without the link and still rated High.

To access the patient from that task simply click on the task itself and it will take you to the patient’s details screen.

Further updates coming soon include a listing of today’s To Do’s on the Diary page, and a major overhaul of our invoicing and sales tracking system which will make tracking of associate revenues and working with appointment invoicing in the diary easier.





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