As a pre Christmas treat we have several updates in response to feedback and suggestions received from our users.  They are in summary:

  • The ability to choose to print a receipt while entering a transaction. Tick the “Print Receipt” checkbox just above the Save button and a pop up window will open when you Save.
  • Jump straight back to the diary after saving a clinical record.  Just click the “Save & Diary” button.
  • A “Reports” section in the clinical records screen.  These are for entering reports such as x-ray reports or blood test results.  More details here.
  • A patient account balance visible in the entering a transaction screen in the diary.  This will show you when a patient has a credit or debit balance.  If they owe the clinic money it will show as a positive figure.  If they are in credit it will be a negative figure.
  • limit_by_practitioner_iconpracticeThe ability to only show certain practitioners on the diary.  For those users with only one practitioner on the system, this update will make no difference, but if you have 2 or more practitioners you can choose to see only certain of them.  Tick the relevant boxes underneath the date picker on the sidebar.



Merry Christmas and best wishes for a successful 2014!

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