Two updates for our users this week.  Many of you will have noticed the new search box in the top left area of the diary.  It enables you to skip to the next booked appointment for a person.  We envisaged that this would be of most help when you have someone who calls and asks when their next appointment is.  Simply type their name in the search area, click their name when it pops up and you’ll be taken to that page in the diary.

Our other update is great for those that do stocktakes.  On the Settings->Export page you can now export the contents of your stock list as a csv file.  You can easily open that in Excel and use it to cross check your stock levels more easily.

In the next few weeks we hope to release our diary waiting list function that many people have requested.  We’ve got some great tweaks that will make working with the list extra easy.  Coming soon!

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