Just a quick note to highlight some minor updates.  You’ve probably noticed the new daily report titled “Daily Invoices & Payments”. This supersedes the Daily Transactions report to bring things more in line with the new invoicing system and helps keep track of which items have been paid for on a client’s account, and those that haven’t.  The old style report will remain for the foreseeable future for those who prefer that style, however it has the limitation of not displaying payment allocations and hence may not make it clear that an invoiced item has been paid.

Some of our users asked to be able to set their own timings for the follow up To Do items for cancellations and DNAs.  You can now do this on the Settings->System Config page.

We’ve also resolved a few bugs.  There was an issue of the alignment of the header image on letters and sizing issues with the fonts.  These have been resolved.

There was also an issue of transaction items defaulting to the wrong tax rate which has also been resolved.

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