We have several updates to make you aware of this week.  First and foremost we now have the ability to send one off SMS and Email messages from the dairy.  The facility can be accessed from the right click menu on an appointment.  There is also the ability to create templated messages in the Settings section under Email and SMS Templates respectively that you can then use when sending the messages.

You may have also noticed that there is now an indicator on the clinical records page that notifies you when you are offline and blocks you from saving any records. This is to reduce the loss of any entries should you be offline and try to save the record.  There is also an alert which notifies you should you try to leave the page before saving an entry.  We are aware of a small bug that causes the page to notify you of an unsaved entry if you have saved an entry, stayed on the records page and then try to leave.  You can safely ignore this alert if you are sure you have saved all entries.  We will attempt to fix this as soon as possible.

We have also fixed some bugs.  One where the system was not segregating patient data correctly by date on the Export section.  A second where when a payment category was deleted, patients were being left without a category, and lastly where payment categories were throwing errors while trying to enter transactions.


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