We’ve have a lot of new features to highlight this week.  Some of you have already discovered them. Regardless they’ll hopefully make your workflow more efficient.

SMS Replies

We now have the ability to receive SMS replies into iconpractice.  They’ll show in the bottom left hand corner of the screen like so:

You’ll see these test replies show in your system on Tuesday to give you an idea of how the system works.  To activate replies, you need to go to theSettings->SMS Settings section and tick the Receive SMS replies in system box.

Once the cross in the top corner of the SMS reply is clicked it’s hidden from the diary view. For patients in the system you can view all sent and received SMS’s on the patient’s Communications screen.  For new patients there’s no way to view SMS’s received once they are clicked to dismiss so make a note of the contents before dismissing!

Adding New GP’s and Other Practitioners From the Diary

When you’re processing a new patient in the diary and they have a GP or other referring practitioner that’s not in the system it’s frustrating to have to go to the Settings section to add them in and then return to the patient’s Details screen and add them.

Now you can add these practitioners from the Diary.  Just click the green plus when entering the patient’s details.

Enter the practitioners details then click Add.  The practitioner will then be added and linked to the patient at the same time.

Adding Tags From the Diary

Fitting in with the practitioners change you can also add tags to the patient when entering a new patient’s details from the diary.  This works the same way as adding tags from the Details screen.

Left Aligned Diary

We’ve found a way to left align the diary for those practices with 4 or more practitioners. This will make better use of the lefthand side of the screen.  This will be implemented this week so if you’re running 4 or more practitioners don’t be alarmed by this change in layout!



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