One update and one bug fix in this round of updates to iconpractice.

In the update you can now receive replies to the SMS’s you send out.  We have separated out the Setting->SMS control panel from the Settings->SMS Messages.  Use the latter to set the messages you send out.  The former has the settings for sending SMS’s.  Use this page to set the reply number.

SMS reminder settings

If you are renting a virtual number from our SMS provider it will appear in the drop down list at the bottom of the page.  Select it from the list then press “Save Number”.  If you want replies to go to another number you have then type it into the “Use other mobile:” field then press “Save Number”.  To clear a number delete whatever is in the “No. for Replies:” field and click the “Update” button.  If you choose to use a number, this is what the message sender will show as on the recipient’s phone (i.e. they will see the number).

If you do not want to get replies, then leave the “No. for Replies:” field blank and the system will send the message with your practice name as the message ID.

We have also fixed a bug that was preventing the inclusion of the practitioner’s name in the reminder SMS.  To include it in the SMS just put %%prac%% when you want the name to appear.  It will show as Title and Last Name, i.e. Dr Holmes.  You may want to check that a title has been entered for your practitioners.

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