We have a some larger updates this time.  The first is the introduction of templated letters.  This allows you to produce pro-forma letters that can then be prepopulated with the patient’s details and other text when creating a letter on the patient’s record.  Our documentation has full details on creating the templates (click here) and on creating letters in the record (click here).

The next feature is the ability to adjust the time slot height in the diary and the appointment font size.  Some people were finding the text hard to read or wanted to be able to see the phone number on the appointment without have to use the Edit Appointment option.  Details are here on how to adjust this.  If you make the changes to the settings and see no changes to the diary, please do a forced refresh of your browser or clear your browser’s cache.  This is because some browsers, particularly Chrome, store files to speed up page load speed.  Unfortunately this means it sometimes stores the out of date scripts.

Lastly we have fixed a bug that was creating problems in sending the appointment confirmation emails to patients.  This should be working fine now.  If you ever notice any issues, please send us a support message so we can get things working for you as best we can.


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