This month we’ve completed the final stage of our Tyro/Healthpoint integration, and we’re now waiting on Tyro to begin their certification process.  It’s been a detailed process and has unfortunately taken longer than we’d hoped.  As a result we’ve been delayed in a lot of other updates we would have liked to have done by now.  Thank you for your patience!

The good news is that since we completed this stage, we’ve managed to make a number of tweaks and minor updates including:

  • User definable font size in the text fields on the notes screen.  To adjust this click on your name in the top right corner, and then on the screen that loads you’ll see an option for “Clinical notes editor font size:”.  12 point is the default but you can choose between 10 and 18 point.
  • Adding a description field for each practitioner that shows on the online booking page.  You can use this to show practitioner types, a bio about the practitioner etc. up to 300 characters.  This is edited on Settings->Practitioners.
  • When running a Birthday report you can choose to exclude Archived patients
  • The issue with back dated payments showing on the wrong date has been resolved.
  • We’ve also updated the way we search for patients with online booking which should reduce the number of booking needing to be validated.  We’d be interested in your feedback on how effective this is.

Other updates in currently in progress or soon to be worked on include:

  • Excluding Archived patients from the Patient Account Balances Report and from Birthday SMS sending.
  • Ordering the Daily Invoices Report in order of entering instead of surname.
  • Editable system emails like those sent to online bookings etc.
  • Multi-practice support for those people using iconpractice across several practices.

As always if you have any suggestions just let us know.

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