We are pleased to be able to announce the expansion of user access levels in iconpractice.  This new system gives greater control over access to different sections of the system. Using the system you can restrict access to the following sections:

  1. Clinical data.
  2. Admin sections.
  3. Financial data, including limiting a user to financial data for certain practitioners (such as limiting associates to accessing their own data).
  4. Super users that can access full financial data and create and edit other users.

There is a video on setting this up here.  Documentation is here.

As always with any updates, if you have any issues we recommend clearing your browser cache (instructions here) and restarting your browser.  If problems persist then please contact support using the link above.

In addition we have two smaller updates.  Firstly if an appointment is booked on a patient’s birthday there is now a birthday cake icon that shows on their appointment to alert staff of the fact.

Secondly, you can now edit the order in which practitioners are displayed in the system.  Previously they were show in the order they were entered.  This now allows you to group practitioners together, e.g. put massage therapists together in the diary, or put the busier practitioners on the lefthand side of the diary etc.

Lastly, our online booking system is currently being trialled with a few clinics while we iron out any bugs.  (Thanks to those practices helping us with that.)  We hope to roll it out for general access soon.  We are pleased to be able to say that as far as we know it is the most advanced online booking system on available, allowing for automatic cluster and block booking of patients amongst other features.  More details to follow soon.


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